fig & whiskey go on a picnic

this weekend we met up to talk about a few things we have up our sleeves like a girls night in, a gift bag give away, and a bigger bash we are pretty excited about planning.  sometimes its hard to carve out time for a sit down meeting (we are both pretty much always on the go).  so when we can have a full day meeting we want to make sure we do it right.  we made these delicious cocktails which were perfect for that summer heat and some equally delicious sandwiches for a backyard picnic meeting.  the cocktails were SUPER easy to make and look simply adorable. we picked up some fresh mint and cucumbers from the farmers market and the elderflower rose lemonade from our local grocery store.  

we used vodka and gin since we each prefer one or the other (even though I prefer vodka I think the gin version may have taken the cake).  see the recipe below:

1 1/2 oz** gin (or vodka)

2 oz Elderflower Rose Lemonade

4 large mint leaves

garnish with cucumber slice and a bunch o’ mint

top off with cucumber spritzer from trader joes (not pictured)

** we didn’t use a jig to measure and tend to have heavy hands so really, you do you on the measuring side because hey, you’re the one enjoying it!

don't forget your sunnies and go heavy on the ice, it's hot out there! CHEERS! 

our first blog

after many long months of collaboration with graphic designers, web designers, photographers, bloggers, and media consultants we are so beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our brand: fig & whiskey. 

we are event planners and designers who enjoy making life lovelier.  in our eyes, any milestone, no matter how big or small is worth celebrating in style. whether you are toasting to a promotion, birthday, bachelorette party or simply want to indulge in a beautiful dinner among friends, we want to be there to help curate your special day.

from brainstorming and consulting to full design packages, we offer tricks of the trade that will help make your event feel personal and unique.  find us here on our website, follow us on instagram, or peek at our ideas on pinterest to see what we're up to, what we're swooning over and what our (wine) flavor of the week is.  we are so looking forward to going to this party, with you as the guest of honor! 


sarah & kristina // owners and founders of fig & whiskey